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    1: The trader path along the already established and less strenuous Silk Route was the easiest customary itineraries one could take to cross Asia, as they minimized the amount of mountain-crossing one had to do for reaching India.

    2. Supply chain in straight line with feeder country is always preferable compared to branching to South-East and invade India which will make maintaining the supply chain across the difficult terrain almost impossible and may lead to loss of earlier conquered land

    3. Mongolia was connected to Europe by a net of acquainted relationships and shut customs that were developed over the amount of your time essentially attributing to the Silk route. So could be another reason why Genghis crossed Asia north of the range as he simply felt more like home.

    So, I powerfully believed that great Khan knew that although india can progressing to be an excellent war pillage , he realised that conquering India is going to be troublesome and maintaining India are going to be even harder. Rather, he select low hanging fruits across the silk route and incorporated the states that may well be culturally additional aligned with Mongols compared to distinct Indians.

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