Who is the first woman Project Director in an ISRO mission of Chandrayaan-2?

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    Muthayya Vanitha

    The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has recently announced that India’s second mission to the moon – Chandrayaan-2 – will be launched on July 15 at 2.15 AM from Sriharikota. This particular mission is an advancement of Chandrayaan-1, which was launched a decade ago. Chandrayaan-2 will scale the lunar surface and gather intel on minerals, rock formations, and water. For the first time in the history of ISRO, the Project Director and the Mission Director will be women. Muthayya Vanitha will be the Project Director for the orbiter, the lander, and the rover, and Ritu Karidhal will be the Mission Director in charge of the GSLV-Mk III launch vehicle. 30% of the team in charge of the mission is composed of women. The cost of the entire Chandrayaan-2 purpose is about Rs.1,000 crores.

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