Which of the following defence PSUs has signed a pact to supply heavy weight torpedoes to the Indian Navy?

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  1. Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL)

    The Hyderabad-based defense public sector undertaking, Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL) has recently signed a contract worth Rs 1,187.82 crores for the supply of heavyweight torpedoes – Varunastra – to the Indian Navy. The execution of the contract will be in the next 42 months. The weapon will be manufactured at BDL Visakhapatnam Unit under collaboration with DRDO. The Heavy Weight Torpedo (or the Varunastra) is a ship launched, electrically propelled underwater weapon equipped with one of the most advanced automatic and remote-controlled guidance systems. The weapon system uses its intelligence in tracing the target. The BDL is the primary producer of the country’s range of missiles and missile defense systems.

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