Which is the India’s most attractive employer brand, as per Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2019 report?

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  1. Amazon India

    According to the Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2019, E-commerce giant Amazon India is the most attractive employer brand in India, followed by Microsoft India and Sony India. Other top 10 most-attractive employer brands in India for 2019 include Mercedes-Benz at 4th position, IBM (5th), Larsen & Toubro (6th), Nestle (7th), Infosys (8th), Samsung (9th) and Dell (10th). As per the report, Amazon has scored high on financial health, utilization of the latest technologies, and a strong reputation. The survey also says that a vast majority (55%) of Indians prefer to work for a large multi-national corporation, while a negligible 9% preferred the start-ups. The preference for MNCs can be firmly attributed to job security, financial health, and career progression opportunities, which these organizations offer to their employees. The survey also shows that the Indian workforce prefers to work for companies operating in sectors like IT, ITeS and telecom (67%), retail, FMCG and e-commerce (67%), followed by automotive (66%) and BFSI (65%).

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