Which is the best time and day to release a Youtube video?

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    The foremost part is to know your subscribers. Their age, region, …

    Collect those information. These will help us in deciding the ideal time to upload the video. You can get this information in the Analysis tab.

    Now after knowing their demography and age group find a relevant time to all your subscribers, For instances, if your subscribers are children and are from US it is irrelevant to upload during weekdays and at mornings. It would be appropriate if you upload during weekends and at the time they will be awake and free from home works. For weekdays you can upload two hours later from their schooling hours.

    Upload videos on Saturday if you are the ones who upload one video per week.

    If you are the one who want to fill your channel. Upload filler videos on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And fair videos during Thursday, Friday. Great content videos on Saturday.

    Note: Weekend Videos do get more views.

    And to judge your video success rate you must see what your video gains in the first 48 hrs after uploading.

    Note: Never upload your video straight on the stipulated time. Schedule the video forehand. This is get you good quality videos.

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