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    India is the land of agriculture. In those days, traditional way of agriculture was followed . But now manures are replaced with fertilizers.Some of the issues in Indian agriculture are discussed below:
    1 . Seeds:
    Seeds play an important role in  agriculture. Getting a good quality seed is difficult. Yield of crop depend on the quality of the soil. Production of the good quality seed is less, hence it does not reach a majority of farmers especially small and marginal farmers due to its high price.

    2. Loss of traditional crops:

    Some of the Indian traditional crops have got extinct because of the genetically modified seeds. This causes lot of problems to the people as well as the farmers. These crops will give lot yield in a small duration but it cost the health of the people as well as the fertility of the land.

    3. Manures and Fertilizers

    Traditional agriculture is replaced by modern agriculture .So Fertilizers are used in the place of manures, this causes major health problem to the people. This is one of the major problem in Indian agriculture.

    4.Soil Erosion

    Soil Erosion is the removal of the top soil. Soil gets eroded during wind, flood, over grazing etc. Deforestation also causes soil erosion. This leads to the desertification of the agricultural land .

    5. Lack of Human resources

    Due to the increase in the literary rate in the village area. Lot of people have changed there professional from agriculture to different forms of jobs. This is the major issue of agriculture in India.

    6. Lack of storage facility

    Small and moderate farmers do not have storage rooms in order to store their crops and hence they cannot do agriculture in large amount.


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