what is calligraphy writing?


why calligraphy writing is used

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    Calligraphy may be a ability of handwriting, or maybe one thing a lot of vague as merely stating that it’s lovely writing. Though undeniably true, these interpretations do no justify to script as this craft is far quite just well-performed calligraphy. In fact, it’s these half-hearted theories that are dimming each the worth and characteristics of the hand discipline. Bear in mind that the first goals of handwriting square measure being fast, simply written and accurately browse. Beauty, temperament and creative impact all fall second to those demands and don’t seem to be in any respect necessary in handwriting as clarity and speed. On the opposite hand, these square measure a number of the key options script strives to realize. Another common and obscure clarification is that script is that the method of creating ornamental adorned letters. This is, as well, part true as dressing up the pages with totally different sorts of decoration may be a massive a part of the discipline. However, this can be conjointly simply a section of script as an entire and is way from a whole definition of the whole discipline.

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