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    The machine cycle is that the most simple operation that a PC performs, and so as to finish menial tasks like showing one character on the screen, the processor must perform multiple cycles. The PC does this from the instant it boots up till it shuts down.

    The steps of a machine cycle are:

    Fetch – The control unit requests directions from the most memory that’s hold on at a memory’s location as indicated by the program counter (also referred to as the instruction counter).

    Decode – Received instructions are decoded within the instruction register. This involves breaking the quantity  field into its elements supported the instruction’s operation code (opcode).

    Execute – This involves the instruction’s opcode because it specifies the processor operation needed. The program counter indicates the instruction sequence for PC. These directions are organized into the directions register and as each are executed, it increments the program counter so that successive instruction is hold on in memory. Applicable electronic equipment is then activated to perform the requested task. As presently as directions are executed, it restarts the machine cycle that begins the fetch step.

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