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    Address Buffer Block Diagram 

    The address buffer ID (ABI) is assigned when a new continuation for a speculative thread is created. When a speculative read request is issued by a thread, the address of the data being read is stored in the address buffer assigned to the thread and the entry is set to valid. When a speculatively read data is subsequently written by a non-speculative thread, the corresponding entries in the address buffers are invalidated, preventing speculative threads from committing. The block diagram of address buffer for a 4-SP node is shown in Figure 2. This design allows invaliding a speculatively-read data in all threads simultaneously. It also allows different threads to add different addresses into their buffers. When an “invali- date” request comes from the bus or a write request comes from inside the node, the data cache controller will change the cache line states, and the speculative controller will search the address buffer to invalidate appropriate entries.

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