What can go wrong with China building advanced warships for Pakistan?

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  1. UChina claims its moto of helping Pakistan build the advanced warships is to create ‘balance of power’ in Indian Ocean. The worst thing that can happen is distraction of peace in this area. The world will know about the controversy happening between India & Pakistan and India & China, this act of China is sure not a good news to the Indians. Already China is in the process of creating its port in Sri Lanka. It’s more like ready to attack India both land and water ways.
    Coming back to warships building in Pakistan, the ship’s class is reported to be Type 054AP. This ship is the largest and the most powerful combat vessel China has ever exported. The ship will have vertical launch cells that can fire Chinese HQ-16 air defence missiles and other kind of missiles. Now you can think about how worst this can happen when there is any chaos in the region.

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