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    Youtube has it’s know build-in statistics report which is found in the Youtube Studio.

    Other external sources are:


    This platform compares your channel with other channels out there. it helps to find your rank in Youtube. And also shows your Live subscribers count. The revenue estimate made here is not the exact revenue you may get. The only disadvantage is that it takes time to upload.

    • Vid IQ:

    This is an extension and browser plugin software. This software scores your videos, measures velocity, and shows statistics on each tag you have used. It actually calculates SEO tags for any Youtube video and says if it works. And also tells who much characters the tags have. The maximum is 500 characters. Try achieving it. The free version is more than enough for the statistics.

    • Tube Buddy:

    This platform helps in managing your channel. Yet the statistics is subpar to Vid IQ.


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