What are the artworks used in a Tuscan style house?

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    • Antique style paintings
    • Still life pictures of wine.
    • Grapes or cheese (featuring Tuscan countryside)
    • Tapestries.
    • Sculptures both indoors and outdoors.
    • Custom mural of Tuscan countryside.
    • Mural of clouds or angels on ceiling of your foyer.
    • Arches around home.
    • Ceramic objects like large earthenware vases, urns & colorful Italian glaze pottery, water features, old chests for strange.
    • Wine decor (Wine barrel as side table, a cork board of wine works, prettiest wine glasses, glass jar filled with wine corks of favorite wine)
    • Trees or plants: Cypress tree, regular & spiral topiaries, lemon tree, rosemary, lavender bougainvillea, jasmine.

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