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  1. Merits:

    1. Expensive Elections, the cost spent on which elections are increasing unimaginably. The most costly election till day would be the 2019 election where about 60,000 crores spent without the inclusion of the expenditure incurred by the political parties.
    2. Hammering Govt. works, frequent elections leads in disturbing the govt works since the only human resources conducting elections are the govt. workers. Any new schemes or other welfare measures have to avail until the elections work concludes.
    3. Chaos Situations, elections are the ideal time for communal, and corruptions are at their peak.
    Thus One Election makes total sense since for all the three-tier of elections the voters, polling booths and staffs, securities are the same.


    1. Premature dissolution is when the ruling party is dissolved before their tenure of holding office. In such case, if the Lok Sabha is adjourned, is it necessary to conduct election again for state assembly. And if state assembly is dissolved will the entire nation will have to vote still. This sounds unworkable.
    2. Accountability, frequent elections ensure the accountability of the leaders to the public since they often come on streets to address issues and solve them.
    3. The federal system, the ultimate spirit of federalism is that the nation and local matters are not mixed up is lost here in this ideology.

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