Reasons behind providing accommodation in government buildings for New MPs?

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Sashi Kapoor 2 years 2019-06-18T06:13:38+00:00 1 Answer 200 views Intermediate 0

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    The year 2014 was the first time when MPs were accommodated in hotels as they waited long to get their official residence. Its all started here.

    As like previous years, The new MPs will not stay in luxury hotels in the capital city to attend their Lok Sabha sessions instead they housed at government buildings (state Bhavans, Western Courts, and other government facilities).

    For the first session of 17th Lok Sabha, the MPs will stay at Western Courts which built last year. Its a hostel complex with canteen inbuilt.
    The reason behind this decision is that the previous occupants overstay beyond the designated time leading to massive bills for the exchequer and the new occupants had to wait or take alternatives for their stay.

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