I’m too much concerned towards Invasion of Privacy. Please suggest some essential Privacy Tools?

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    TAILS (Linux Operating System – Free): “Privacy for Anyone, Anywhere”

    A live free operating system, Tails, build upon Debian(Linux operating system) available out there in the Internet with the motto “Privacy for Anyone, Anywhere”. You can start and operate Tails from a thumb drive or a DVD. It aims at preserving you from Invasion of Privacy by forcing all your internet connection through the TOR Network(an encrypted network of internet communication that makes it harder to intercept) and also provides end to end encryption for the Instant Messages, Emails and Files.

    Who uses TAILS and TOR Network:

    * Militaries and law enforcement use TAILS and TOR Network to protect their communications, investigations, and intelligence gathering online.

    * Journalists and the media use TAILS and TOR Network to protect their research and sources online.

    * Activists use TAILS and TOR Network to anonymously report abuses from danger zones. Whistle blowers use Tor to safely report on corruption.

    * Businesses use TAILS and TOR Network to research competition, keep business strategies confidential, and facilitate internal accountability.

    * People like you and your family use TAILS and TOR Network to protect themselves, their children, and their dignity while using the Internet.

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