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    Add Watermark

    A watermark or a transparent image is overlaid across a photograph, it helps to keep our image safe, and if someone intends to use the image without our permission is an added advantage for our brand promotion. Drawback: Someone skilled at Photoshop or editing can remove the protection.

    Add a Copyright Notice

    Frequently a copyright notice must be marked while adding watermark is optional. Your copyright notice can include the word “Copyright,” alternatively, the symbol “©.”

    Add DMCA Badge

    A DMCA badge offers free protection for your images if someone uses your content without permission. DMCA also offers the service of free watermarking for your pictures.

    Size of Photograph

    While uploading to your images on social media site, keep the image size smaller to prevent unauthorized download, so if anyone steals your images through ‘drag/drop’ or ‘right click’ the image downloaded is more blurry. If you can disable ‘hotlinks’ on those sites, can prevent easy download.

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