How to pair your digital pen with Windows 10 and use it in PowerPoint 2019 slide show?

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    To Pair and use digital pen in PowerPoint 2019,

    1) On your digital pen, press and hold the top button for about seven seconds to turn it on

    2) Right-click the Windows Start button.

    3) Select Settings.

    4) Select Devices.

    5) Ensure that Bluetooth & Other Devices is selected on the left side.

    5) Select Add Bluetooth or other device.

    6) In the Add a device dialog box, choose Bluetooth

    7) Select your digital pen.

    8) Choose Done to dismiss the dialog box.

    9) On the left side of the Windows 10 Settings window, switch to Pen & Windows Ink. At the bottom, select Allow apps to override the shortcut button behavior. (If the pen has a shortcut already defined for the top button, that shortcut needs to be overridden).

    10) Open your presentation, start Slide Show Slide Show button , and start “clicking”

    – Press the eraser button once to advance

    – Press and hold the button to go backward




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