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  1. Blowfish could be a keyed, symmetric cryptographic block cipher designed by Bruce Schneier in 1993 and placed within the property right. Blowfish is enclosed during a sizable amount of cipher suites and encryption product, as well as SplashID. Blowfish’s security has been extensively tested and evidenced. As a property right cipher, Blowfish has been subject to a big quantity of cryptanalysis, and full Blowfish encryption has ne’er been broken. Blowfish is additionally one in every of the quickest block ciphers publically use, creating it ideal for a product like SplashID that functions on a large sort of processors found in mobile phones in addition as in notebook and desktop computers.

    Schneier designed Blowfish as a general rule, supposed as a replacement for the aging DES and freed from the issues related to different algorithms.

    Notable options of the design embody key-dependent S-boxes and a extremely advanced key schedule.

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