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    An effective end screen will definitely improve quality and performance of the channel.

    End screen?

    • Promotes many different components to your brand.
    • It should be of 5-20 seconds in length.
    • You can add upto 4 elements here.

    How to create?

    • Get creative in designing your end screen.
    • Add some soft movements in the end screen.
    • Use some hype music to get the viewers excited and interested.
    • At times the end screen will not be displayed the video runs in the background or if watching in a very small screen. So it is important to note that no important messages regarding the video to be added here.

    How to implement?

    • Add end screen to the very end of the video.
    • Then upload the video. I mean schedule it.
    • Wait for the video to process
    • Now add elements to your end screen.

    While uploading the video you will fine a screen displaying the time and day when the video will be uploaded. Click on the screen. Then Click edit video-> Editor-> Add an End Screen->Select a template for the end screen->Apply-> Now upload the end screen video at the very end of the video.

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