How do I manage my personal things?


Actually, I am shifting to a new home, so I have to shift all my home appliances, personal stuff, etc. But to remember all those things is very tough for me. Is there any easy way through which I can keep a track of all my personal things?

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Nidhi Soni 2 years 2019-05-07T06:31:47+00:00 3 Answers 313 views 0

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    First is first become creative… or to put in better words make yourself creative!

    Sometimes we get bored, and this kind of sense we all have because we don’t believe we are really creative.

    Watch some DIY videos on YouTube on how to arrange my dresses for the upcoming vacation holiday. Have a neat chart with the help of productivity apps like Microsoft To-Do List or Tasks To-Do List. Foremost of all imagine the fun and enjoyment in the preparation for the upcoming vacation. Now by doing this hopefully we have cultivated a better ideology and practiced our mind and of course, we all accept and believe Practice makes us better and better. Human brain’s neurons act as a mirror, hence it is difficult to make ourselves inspired in order to overcome such we need good motivation/inspiration from other people. Think of this, most of the times people laugh if they see someone laughing then they’ll try to know why were they laughing… This happens because of the mirroring practice of our neurons.

    Start with the baby steps, buy some Bubble Wrap from Amazon for the safety of our belongings and plan before wrapping, once you’re done with that, name each wrapping them with some funny names from different languages ( Note: There are more funny names in other languages which might mean different in that language). Ask your friends to help you out to have more fun.

    Another factor which makes people get bored with their shift to a new home is missing their favorite TV Shows. So first prepare your cable connection before you start your shift.

    And in case if I’ve missed anything “Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night”

    Arigatou gozaimasu!

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    Watch this YouTube video,



    Hi Nidhi,

    As you are shifting your home, I have a suggestion for you to use an Android application named ” My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management”.This application is very helpful for shifting home planners.

    This Personal Stuff management app stores all your stuff data and manage it. It is very helpful to you list all your stuff with its category. You can add stuff details with its name, photo and brief details you want to add. So, instead of using pen n paper, use modern technology tool. Once you add the stuff details in the app, it will be saved for a lifetime, as there is an option of Backup and Restore.

    So, in the last moment, you can go through all your stuff with its pic, so you can come to know which stuff is remained and which stuff is added.

    As I am using it, is very helpful to me. Hope, it may help you!

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