Air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths in India. list few Ways to cease these deaths?

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    Most Air Pollution related deaths are caused due to both Household and outdoor air pollution albeit Outdoor air pollution (PM 2.5) rates high in this case. And these occur mostly in northern part of the country especially in Delhi, Haryana and Bihar. The study has also shown reduction in Life Expectancy in these areas.

    Few Ways to cease these deaths:

    Cutting down open fires.
    Using public vehicles or sharing vehicles.
    Usage of LPG stoves instead of wood stove
    Dispose Trash properly
    Proper sanitation.
    Use environmental safe products
    Reuse everything you can.


    Air pollution is caused by various sources which affects human health and in some cases causes their their life. air pollution can cause death this can be reduced by

    Burning of the plastics must be stopped.
    Release of toxic gases from industries should be reduced.
    Usage of vehicles should be reduced.
    reuse the maximum products.
    chemical waste, e-waste , medical waste etc should be disposed properly in which it does not create pollution.
    use things which are necessary.
    reduce the usage of air conditioner, refridgerator etc.






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