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Questions to ask on Instagram

questions-to-ask-on-instagramQuestions to Ask:

  • How to use Instagram Video post?
  • How to use Instagram Live Video feature?
  • How to use Instagram Stories feature?
  • How to use IGTV?
  • How to use Sticker?
  • How to use the hidden features on Instagram?


How to use Instagram Video post?

* Video posts are like regular Youtube posts, except Instagram allows the video to play only for 60 seconds long.

* This 60 seconds long video post is fair enough to create brand awareness and very helpful for more user engagement than photos on Instagram.

* To get a more appealing video we can add a filter or effect, write a caption and tag our location before we share the video post.

* Instagram’s algorithm decides whether or not to display our video to a user and tracks their engagement.


How do I post a video?


How to use Instagram Live Video?

* While Instagram video post helpful for creating brand awareness, live video stream suitable for brand management and authenticity.

* Instagram allows the users to cast live video stream on Instagram, while your followers get a push notification telling them they’re going live.

* Followers can like your live video stream and of course comment in real time.

* This live video stream doesn’t save to your account.

How do I start a live video on Instagram?

How to use Instagram Stories?

* One of the most significant features on Instagram is adding stories or multiple video clips viewable for 24 hours before it vanishes. Similar to Whatsapp status or Snapchat stories.

* These stories appear as colorful little circles in the top of the followers feeds.

* Stories allow video recording for 15 seconds long and image viewing up to 10 seconds long.

* Users can add unlimited video clips to their account and can track the total number of views to each clip. New features like bulk upload allow the user to upload up to 10 videos or photos at a time.

* Stories also allow direct messaging, @mentions tags, shoppable tags on images for product selling and stickers.

* Stories has become a vital part of daily life for Instagram users to help promote their business products and broadcast important messages or news.

How do I share a photo or video to my Instagram story?


How to use a Sticker?

* Marketers takes advantage of this new feature for rating their products by asking the users.

* For example, emoji polls slider sticker gives a precise view on how much users like or dislike something by just sliding the emoji from left to right.

Using stickers on Instagram


How to use IGTV?

* While video post and stories on Instagram have limitations, IGTV or Instagram TV helps the users to share videos up to an hour long.

* It is excellent news for content creators.

How do I upload a video to IGTV? and How do I create a channel on IGTV?

How to use the hidden features on Instagram?

* To get notification from your favorite people, “Turn on Post Notifications” for each of your favorite people individually by visiting their user profile.

* To add special fonts to your bio via mobile use the website LingoJam – Fonts for Instagram and via PC use website Fontspace – Free Instagram fonts.

* To add special characters to your bio via mobile use app Character Pad and in PC using Microsoft Word’s “Symbol” insertion icon.

* How to search Instagram user without an account?

  • The first option is to enter username at the end of the Instagram URL like (or)
  • Using “ username” on Google

* To view all the post you’ve liked, go to your profile page and click options and then click “Posts You’ve Liked.”

* To access and manage multiple accounts from the same device, go to your profile page and click your username on the top left corner and then click “Add account’

* To make your Instagram bio appear in Search / Explore tab, use Instagram community category and keyword to sort all your post by hashtagging.

* To view pictures without liking them, turn on Airplane mode on your mobile device.

* To filter comments by keywords, navigate to Settings -> Privacy and security -> Comment controls, filter comments by “Hide offensive comments,” “Manual filter” and also by “Filter most reported words”

* To use Instagram as a Photo editor, navigate to Settings -> Account -> Original posts -> click on Save original posts. Then turn on Airplane mode and upload the photo, edit and click Share. Once you spot an error message, go to Photo Gallery and collect the edited photo.

* To insert a line break into your bio and caption, on the keypad click ‘123’ button and use the ‘Return.’

* To adjust tagged photos before they show up in your profile, navigate to Settings -> Privacy and security -> Photos and videos of you -> turn off Add Automatically.

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