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About is a multilingual questions to ask website with exclusively free content to help share knowledge with people all around the globe; to expertise and to educate a million lives!


For years humans strived hard to gather knowledge all around the world and to centralize them to make it easily accessible for everyone. World Wide Web (Internet) is the outcome, and it holds treasures. Millions and millions of people are trying every day to hunt the knowledge treasure; unfortunately, they lack the Map. Inteligence helps you to access the knowledge treasure using the right map. From the beginning of a day with the thought {What does my Dream mean?} to the end of the day with a unique experience, Inteligence tries to answer all your questions.

Do you have Questions to ask? Ask Inteligence (multilingual) you will be sure to find an answer!

[Supports English, French, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Malay, Tamil, Persian, etc.,]

Company size
2-10 employees
Headquarters / Office
Tallinn, Estonia / Sarasota, Florida
Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science